Larry Wilder

The Champion of Americana

Beloved songs and music can warm our hearts, lifting and inspiring us every day. Americana music is full of these songs. As The Champion of Americana, Larry Wilder is passionate about sharing Americana music and history.

In his dynamic, entertaining shows, Larry shares the compelling stories and heritage of Americana. Larry performs for a wide variety of audiences, melding both banjo and guitar with his vocals. He particularly enjoys demonstrating the yodeling skills that won him the award of National Yodeling Champion.

Larry’s approach to Americana music includes many genres of Roots music, ranging from cowboy tunes to Irving Berlin, bluegrass to folk, Johnny Cash to Gordon Lightfoot. This results in shows and recordings that have a unique musical fusion. Music that is brought together by the love of the people who have listened to these songs for decades.



The Rich Influences of Americana Music

Americana music is a varied and rich tapestry with a thousand definitions and a million adventures. To me, Americana means anything folks like to play and sing here in America….

Pete Seeger Was a Rebel

Back in the 1940s, Pete Seeger and his wonderful group the Weavers brought many tunes from our wonderful heritage and from Europe and around the world. Pete was castigated by…

Americana Music has Rich Influences

That great Geoff Mack song from 1962 has been mighty good to me onstage. While I’ve been in 49 of the 50 states [Florida still to be sampled], criss-crossed Europe…

Larry Wilder on a Different Stage

Had a great time as musical director/performer in Molière’s “Tartuffe.” This timeless play, first staged 350 years ago, is set in present day Texas. The hilarious play’s title character is…

Voodoo Doughnut Time!

Here I am with Cat Daddy and Tres, the creative and business chiefs of perhaps Portlandia’s most flamboyantly famous enterprise—Voodoo Doughnuts. My recent composition “Voodoo Doll Yodel” will be released…

Inspiration from Lily Tomlin

Sharing the stage with Lily Tomlin was a signal event. Her radiance, goodness and fierce lion mother care for the audience leave indelible marks on us all. When we sit…

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